One of LA County's most talked about hauntings, the haunted forest cooks up quite a haunted experience. A sight of Gangland style executions, a man who was part of the freemasons, a nun who was claimed to be raped and hanged, and a witch who is said to roam the forest, The Cobb Estate is a haunting everyone talks about.

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Strange, mysterious, and unexplained, The Devil's Gate Dam is definitely a one of a kind haunting. It's probably one of Pasadena's most haunted places. Believed to be one of the seven portals to hell, it's a haunting of it's own. Everything from occult activity, a serial killer, A rock formation that looks like a devil, and visits from the Jersey Devil, The Devil's Gate Dam is an intense place with amazing history. The portal is believed to still exist to this day.

Built in 1913, The Colorado St. Bridge, probably Pasadena, CA's most historic site, has been standing now for over 100 years. Unfortunately, it has gained the reputation for being known as Suicide Bridge. It's estimated that close to 200 people have jumped to their death at this location. People have reported seeing phantom figures walking underneath the bridge, spirits jumping off, people in 1920's clothing, unexplained screams and cries, and disembodied voices and footsteps. On May 1 1937, 22 year old Myrtle Ward went to the bridge due to her husband leaving, not being able to financially support her and their 3 year old daughter Jeanette Pykkonen. She threw her baby over the bridge first, then herself. Miraculously, the baby survived. She is still alive today. The ghost of Myrtle Ward is believed to be under the bridge, looking for her child.