Linda Vista Hospital

Although now closed down for renovation to turn into senior housing, most of S.I.U.'s members have visited Linda Vista Hospital many times. It was once The Santa Fe Railroad Hospital. Then it became Linda Vista. In the 1970's gangwars broke out in Los Angeles. Linda Vista attracted many of those victims. In 1991, the hospital became abandoned, as the workers just picked up and left. 

The Pasadena Catacombs

Old Town Pasadena has quite the night life. It also has quite the haunted history. Discovered in 2005, the catacombs were discovered under a grate. Body parts of at least 36 different remains were found scattered throughout the catacombs. There use to be a mission back in the day. It had an underground prison. 

Gravity Hill Loma Alta

The big story with Gravity Hill, is there was a bus full of children going pass this hill. The bus driver lost control and everyone died. When you put your car on neutral on this hill, the spirits of the kids are suppose to push you up the hill away from the accident site. If you put baby powder on your car, you'll see the handprints of the children. Other stories include a woman who lost control of her car and crashed, the kids got out of the bus and the bus slipped into neutral and ran them over, and a man with his wagon got ran over by his wagon when he got to the hill. 

The Haunted Forest/Cobb Estate

This is one of Los Angeles County's most talked about haunted locations. The Cobb Estate, best known as the haunted forest, has had numerous reports of paranormal activity. Disembodied voices and footsteps, strange lights at night, Bigfoot sightings, and rocks/pebbles being thrown at you when no one is there. This place has a power to it that attracts many people.  

The Colorado St. Bridge

Built by the firm J.A.L Waddel in 1913, The Colorado St. Bridge is a historic landmark of Pasadena. Unfortunately, it's better known as Suicide Bridge. Close to 200 people have taken their lives by jumping off of this bridge. Since all of these deaths have occurred at the bridge, it has gained a haunted reputation. People have reported seeing phantom figures, people in old fashioned clothing, and spirits of people jumping.

The Graber Olive House 

The Graber Olive House is Ontario's oldest running business. Since 1894, The Graber family has produced high quality olives. It also has an abundance of paranormal activity. There's a ghost of a woman who worked there for 65 years, a ghost of a boy with a ball, a shadow spirit in the Vat room, and something that's being called "The Graber Olive House Alien". Graber has proven itself has quite the ghost hunting spot. 

Kinneloa Mesa

Unknown what this place really was, many say it use to be an asylum. It's a burnt down piece of property. It was probably a house. However, the area is errie. There is a pentagram at this location that seems to stir up activity.

Devil's Gate Dam

​Strange, mysterious, and unexplainable, The Devil's Gate Dam is one of Pasadena's most haunted places. The Jersey Devil has made an appearance here as well.