Scratches from the Green Room.

The Queen Mary Long Beach, CA

Linda Vista Community Hospital Los Angeles, CA

The Rilato Historical Society, Rialto, CA 

Mountain Cemetery Sonoma, CA

Kinneloa Mesa

Devil's Gate Dam

The Haunted Forest/Gravity Hill

The Colorado St. Bridge Pasadena, CA

The Clovis Wolfe Manor Clovis, CA

The Glen Tavern Inn, Santa Paula, CA

Daniel Freeman Memorial Hospital.

The Pasadena Playhouse Pasadena, CA

Shadow Figure

Demonic Scratches 

The David Oman House

Home of Peace Mausoleum, Los Angeles, CA 

Light Anomaly/Orbs in The Green Room.

The Graber Olive House, Ontario, CA


Apparition in mirror

Eye captured of the crying woman in the yellow dress in The Carrie Hamilton Loft.